Uggghhh.... I need to shop for new clothes!!

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Re: Uggghhh.... I need to shop for new clothes!!

New postby sewingrandma on Fri May 17, 2013 5:07 pm

I shop at Belk also but only hit it when they are having big sales-50-70% off! I like the Alfred Dunner brand also and they do fit me without having to alter as long as I get the petite in the slacks. Because I wait for these sales I can't be too choosy and most things are last season but I don't mind. I also check out Dillards when they are having the 50-70% sales and have found many great items there also. Believe it or not but I've found some great slacks at Sam's club and Costco lately too. Only problem there you have to guess at your size since you can't try on before you purchase. I forget which store carries the Bandolino brand but I have found that the fit is perfect for me. I like my waist at my waist and the crotch not halfway to my knees!!
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