Not much action, huh?

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Not much action, huh?

New postby lendube on Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:23 pm

So, what are you doing today?
What's for dinner?
Any sewing going on?
What's the weather like?

So, what are you doing today?
Dh is home hoping to get stuff done. I had stuff I wanted to do and then we had drop in company that stayed way too long. Nice people but you know, a two hour visit is a bit much without warning. :roll: Consequently nothing much has gotten done today and it's almost 3:30.

What's for dinner?
It's Subway sandwiches. Ds is headed down to the next town and offered to bring them back. I like a 6-inch ham and cheese with lots of veggies.

Any sewing going on?
Yep, about to go play with the free-motion quilted wall hanging.

What's the weather like?
It's very dark, 45 degrees and we're expecting 3-6 inches of snow tonight.

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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby Mom of Six on Wed Mar 31, 2010 4:45 pm

So, what are you doing today? Went to work! It was an easy day at the start but since today is the end of the month I had to go to the bank & do extra paperwork so I worked until 3PM. then I went to get gas & met 2DD's & DGDS going for a walk. Then to Krogers.
What's for dinner? I had a ham Sandwich when I got back from Kroger
Any sewing going on? I am going in to sew the girls smock/bibs for Easter. I had enough left from my apron to make 2
What's the weather like? My Desktop weather is saying 73 right now. We are supposed to break records here tomorrow & friday.
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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby Bama on Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:03 pm

So, what are you doing today?
I worked today. I came home and walked with my SIL, then we paddled their paddle boat around the lake for even MORE exercise :o .

What's for dinner?
Salads! I offered to cook but DH said he would be happy with a salad. :applause:

Any sewing going on?
Not since Sunday when I hemmed a prom dress for a friend's daughter.

What's the weather like?

Almost 80 today and sunny! :dance:
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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby MartySews2 on Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:06 pm

This morning I spent over 3-1/2 hours at the doctor's office having some tests done - no results yet. Afterwards, I came home & fixed chicken salad for lunch & took a 2 hour nap. I've read my emails & checked in on Facebook but don't have enough time to play any games. I'm fixing meatloaf, cauliflower & English peas for dinner. It should be ready within the next 30 minutes. Afterwards, I'm going to work on hemming a pair of pants for a nursing home resident while watching TV. A very boring life but it suits me. The weather is gorgeous with cool spring breezes, lots of sunshine & the temps got up to 80 degrees today. However, there are too many wasps & hornets looking to make nests on my porches so I've stayed indoors.
Marty ;)
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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby Shellymoon on Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:43 pm

So what are you doing today?
Work, ran errand, cook dinner, about to go to the gym, then help DD recite info for a test tomorrow.
What's for dinner?
Flounder, pasta and fresh steamed green beans
Any sewing going on?
Not since Sunday. I'm making Vogue 8534, the one with the tie in the front ... age_id=260. I got it basted together and now I'm fiddling with the fit. This is an easy one to fit after it's made. Look at the seam structure and you'll see what I mean.
What's the weather like?
Sunny and high 70s, but really windy. It feels like Lubbock blew its way into Dallas!
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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby icetbear on Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:52 pm

We were in the office for 7 am trying to get the family tax returns finished ahead of the bulk of our client returns starting to come in. We 'do' about 175 T1's for our corporate clients. Rob does his family returns out of the goodness of his heart :)

We had stuffed chicken breasts/veggies for dinner.

I'm in the sewing room tonight putting together a fabric ABC book for wee grandson Mason. I'm also getting up the nerve to begin pressing the quilt apppliques to the main blocks for my first quilt. I've used Steam a Seam for the backing. Each block has 4 leaves, petals and a centre circle.

We have been warming up all week, sun/cloud tomorrow.

Enjoy a lovely Easter celebration, take good care. ;)

NanaBear in Toronto ;)
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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby kaitlinnegan on Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:57 pm

So, what are you doing today?
Worked, then went shopping for some new running shoes - sadly, they were out of my size of these Vibram Five Fingers, but I did try on a different model that fit well. I'm still somewhat on the fence about them, though. Now just hanging out - trying not to waste all evening at the computer!

What's for dinner?
Leftover take and bake pizza Bob brought back from our favorite pizzeria "up north" (so sweet of him!), and spinach salads.

Any sewing going on?
Not yet, but I'm thinking about starting something tonight! :)

What's the weather like?
Fantastic!! Spring can be so variable here, but today it was gorgeous. High in the mid 70's (Fahrenheit), a bit breezy, nice and sunny.

Shelly, that top pattern looks great! Let us know how it works out for you, over in Current projects or completed projects if you like. :D
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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby momquilts on Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:46 pm

So, what are you doing today?
Worked, ran errands, made dinner, laundry, went to quilting at church (did nothing there), paid bills, checked email....BORING LIFE!

What's for dinner?
Tacos from a kit. browned the beef, cubed the tomatoes....dinner is done

Any sewing going on?
Trying to finish 2 quilted purses that are already sold. Not making any progress....forgot to take scissors to quilt group, think I got much done in that frame of mind?

What's the weather like?
Finally saw some sunshine in the Northeast today. Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday are supposed to be sunny and warm. No school on Friday so we are going to the beach to walk on the boardwalk!!! Come on summer :)
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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby HeyJudee on Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:07 pm

So, what are you doing today?
Slept in this morning so caught a later bus to go to work. It was a stressful day as I had a bunch of new stuff to work on and processes to finalize. But one good thing is I'm finally to start showing others what I do in preparation for when I'm no longer there :applause: (retirement in the fall!!!)
Got my hair cut on my lunch, stayed later to make up time cause I was late.
Went to Curves to do my exercises before catching the bus home.
Went to the pharmacy to renew a couple of prescriptions
Stopped to pick up groceries
Came back home for the night...8:30 p.m.
Ate supper and been on the computer ever since

What's for dinner?
Left over stir fry and brown rice.

Any sewing going on?
Nope...but have a charity quilt to finish... for Victoria's Quilts

What's the weather like?
We've had the BEST weather ever!!! This is the first year on record that Ottawa hasn't had any snow in the month of March. We had sun and a high of 16 C (61 F) today and this weekend they are forecasting record highs...24 - 27C (75 to 81 F) Whoo Hoo! :applause: :applause: :applause:
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Re: Not much action, huh?

New postby DorothyL on Thu Apr 01, 2010 5:43 am

So, what are you doing today?
I'm answering this on what was tomorrow (just give it a minute) because I had so much work to do when I went to the County Office Building where I copy down all the legal issues -- judgments (lawsuits), their satisfactions, business certificates, deed transfers and food service inspections -- for the paper. It's pretty routine but it pays well. The deed transfers have been low all year but the judgments high -- sign of the economic times. There were a ton of judgments this week. I was so late getting home my husband missed his ti chi. There was a hockey game but we didn't even bother with it :o :o We watched Sid Crosby and the Penguins get their butts kicked on TV instead. My husband went to bed muttering "The Crunch (our AHL team) probably did better than that!!
(Today I'm going to sew and read. I do have to do a phone interview a "woman that made a difference" being honored by the local Republican Women's Club.)

What's for dinner?
Last night I threw some pork chops in a pan with apricot juice and curry, cooked potatoes with cumin and peas, called it Indian and thought how good I am not to call out for pizza.
(Today I'm going to put a meatloaf in the crock pot and forget about it.)

Any sewing going on?
None yesterday.
(all afternoon today)

What's the weather like?
We broke a record for all time lowest snow fall in the month of March this year. It was cloudy and damp yesterday morning but sunny and warm (mid 60s) in the afternoon.
(We are expecting lots of sun and temps near 70 today :applause: :applause: :applause: We are looking up to high 70s or even low 80s for the weekend. Oh boy. Of course around here we could still get a blizzard next week.
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