November 2016

What sewing projects are you working on?

November 2016

New postby sewingrandma on Thu Nov 10, 2016 1:16 pm

Not doing much sewing this month as I have developed some sort of allergy that is affecting my eyes and it has been bothering me since June. Doc is trying to get it under control but I keep reacting to everything we have tried. The allergy drops made my eyes worse, prednisone drops increase my eye pressure (I'm already on the border of having glaucoma) and the drops for dry eyes makes my vision blurry for 3-4 hours after use which makes me rub my eyes more which causes more problems. Oral antibiotics did nothing that we could tell. Vicious circle at this point. At this point I do suspect all the fiber that flies about when I use the serger on flannel and fleece.
Back to sewing. I sat down with my patterns today and selected several I'd like to try. One is tunic type shirt Kwik Sew 3601 and I like view B. I've also got Butterick 5997 View A in mind, another shirt similar to one I made years ago that I lived in. McCall's 6076 is up next, View A, I like that this blouse will be easy to fit to me with the princess seams going over the shoulder. plus 3/4 length sleeves. I've also picked out several different slacks patterns-KS3363 and 4070 Burda 6982 and Butterick 5391. I'm not sure how any of them will fit. I still have to decide on the style of pant I want and they are all fairly similar. I practically live in jeans and am tired of them. I've also got several basic t-shirts from various companies that I'd like to give a try to since I'd like to find one to become my TNT one that all I have to do is change the neckline or sleeve and know it will still fit correctly.
What's everyone else doing?
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Re: November 2016

New postby MartySews2 on Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:33 pm

I'm making another clerical stole, doing some mending and replacing zippers in pants, and have orders for 2 more stoles. After these are finished, I plan to sew for myself. I have 3 T-shirts cut out and ready to stitch plus fabric for 5 more tops. I also have 2 more pairs of pants to stitch. I am continuing with deep cleaning and purging my bedroom and living room including my sewing supplies. Hubby says that I have too, too much stuff to keep since we are out of space. All cleaning and purging must be done before Jan 1st. Such a dilemma.
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