Feb 2014

What sewing projects are you working on?

Feb 2014

New postby MartySews2 on Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:46 am

In sewing class today, I hemmed 4 pairs of pants plus worked on a bedskirt and made a pillowcase while teaching a new student how to shorten her hubby's pants. Then I showed her how to use her Kenmore sewing machine and set the tension. Once I showed her how to do a straight stitch, she worked on the bedskirt independently. Tonight, I embroidered 5 celtic crosses and am in the process of embroidering 6 angels right now. I'll be up a few more hours ... yeah, an all-nighter. The crosses and angels will be used as door prizes for our church's "Football Frenzy" where we are giving a party for the homeless that we serve. It is a chance for them to get out of the cold, watch the game, have "stadium food" and have a touch of normalcy. We're serving hotdogs, BBQ sandwiches, popcorn, nachos, tea, coffee, and lemonade. If this event is successful, it will become an annual event. I'll be at church all day and most of the evening tomorrow. I'll sleep on Monday. :D
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