Season 9, Episode 9

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Season 9, Episode 9

New postby lendube on Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:44 pm

Wow! What horrible creations! I couldn't believe it. Any one of us could have done a better job than Kimberly and Anya for sure. I'm so glad Oliver is gone. I'm tired of his whining. I'm so happy Viktor finally won. His outfit was very cool. The "caftan" shirt was waaay off the mark by Anya. The fit of pants by so many was so bad. I also liked Bert's. He definitely had the advantage here since he lived the era of this retro rock group. I thought their music was great. Reminded me a bit of The Allman Bros. one of my favorites. Maybe it was the lead singer's voice. Stupid name though, The Sheepdogs. Made me think of some Disney rock band for kids. :roll: Good show. Next week looks wild!

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Re: Season 9, Episode 9

New postby Mule on Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:54 pm

I too am glad to see Olivier gone. I think the only thing he can design is beige clothes for stick-thin models that have no opinion. And even that's questionable.... I didn't even realize till partway through the show that Bert was designing for the same client as Olivier, because while Olivier did nothing but complain about his "massive size", Bert just made clothes. And in the end, it was Olivier's design that finished him -- not his client's size. And he's supposedly a menswear designer. That shirt was SO awful! I couldn't see any man, even one who wasn't a rock star, wanting to wear it.

Anya's was really bad -- but at least she recognized it. I think she was pretty embarrassed! Didn't care much for Kimberly's either.... :lol:

I liked Viktor's, Joshua's, and Bert's the best.
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