Season Eight: Episode 12

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Season Eight: Episode 12

New postby LeapFrog Libby on Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:12 pm

Well, I will start this weeks off again. I watched the rerun on Thursday midnight. I was asleep at 9:00 pm when it was on the first time. I was so tired from our Bazaar that I slept about 3 hours right after dinner, and then woke and watched the boob tube a while .. I was a little disappointed that April was sent home, but it was either her or Gretchen and I just did not like either one of their designs. I still think April has good ideas for young women's clothes. The local paper printed an article about her today and she is not giving up on her dream. I'm gload of that . She has a website for her business.. Paper said she is pouring her efforts this fall into a company and clothing line she founded. "Mangled Courtesan." (
Now I totally agreed that Michael C. deserved to win with his design tonight. This is his 3rd win in the series. That dress was stunning.. A little lower in the back than I think is appropriate, but it was elegant looking. And when guest judge Christian tried to say Michael C didn't even know the name of the fabric, I was so tickled that Michael Kors shut him up so quick with the remark that he knew the properties of the fabric which is the important thing! !
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Re: Season Eight: Episode 12

New postby kaitlinnegan on Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:27 pm

I have to say, I was completely shocked that Michael C won. I thought his dress had almost no actual design and very little sewing - it was basically, "What can I do with 6 yards of sheer jersey? Oh, I'll gather it all up and call it a dress." It seemed like a 1 hour project to me. I bet it wasn't even hemmed. I think Tim was spot on when he wondered if the dress was as ambitious as the others. I thought it looked like a maternity dress from the front, and I didn't like how low and wide the back was - I thought it made the model's back look fat (and she is definitely not heavy)! I think that perhaps the weight of the dress was causing her to arch her back oddly, too. There is something beautiful about all that flowing fabric, but as far as being flattering, I thought the dress was a flop. I respect that Michael C doesn't have a formal education like the other designers, and I do think he is very talented but I do think he could challenge himself more. Hopefully we'll see that in his fashion week collection!

April's attitude was really getting to me - on the one hand trying to be a "tough girl," but on the other hand constantly talking about how being the youngest one there puts her at a disadvantage. She did quite well, but I'm glad the judges realized that she was stuck in a rut. Thanks for posting her website, Libby! It is interesting to see that her spring/summer collection branches out into cream, grey, and tan! Still no sign of real color, though. :)

Don't you think it's interesting that all 4 designers will have to compete for 3 spots at fashion week? I would rather have Mondo and Andy guaranteed spots, and then have Michael C and Gretchen fight for the last one. Oh well. The only one I'm really rooting for is Mondo.
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Re: Season Eight: Episode 12

New postby sewhappyrtr on Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:53 am

I was glad that Michael C was one of the ones that gets to go to the next level, Fashion week. I think he will be one that will surprise us with what he will do. I thought for sure Gretchen would be gone esp. with the way she was talking about how tired she was and had lost her "vision"!!! What ever!!!, she isn't the only one that has been there that long!! I think too that it is wrong that they all have to show a collection and then will be picked from that to be one of the three.
I thought it would be both girls who would be gone, and the 3 boys/men would be the ones to show at fashion week. Oh, well that is reality tv for you, just to make it more interesting!! I did like the blog from April about what goes on behind the scenes. Didn't know that her and the older lady were such good friends to go to France together. I do miss Tim's vlog about the show on facebook, wish he would come back and do that again!! I can't wait to see what Mondo shows. I bet it will be good!! I hope Andy gets it together also, and has something pretty neat to see.!!
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