New Year, New Stash, New Challenge!

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UFO's 15/35. Yardage 7/100

New postby Pudge99 on Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:10 pm

Finished another UFO today, a double sided fleece blanket that has been cut out and sitting in my stash for at least 1 year. Knocked 4 yards off my yardage goal too!

So how is everyone else doing towards their goal? I see some finished items but not how much of your goal is complete.
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Re: New Year, New Stash, New Challenge!

New postby Pudge99 on Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:37 pm

Thought it might be neat to have everyone's goal in one post so we can see who all is in on this insanity. If you are in on this and I don't have your goal listed or what I have is incorrect please send me a PM to let me know.

My personal goal is to finish all 35 UFO's and when that is complete begin making a dent in my huge stash. I am hoping to sew at least 100 yards of fabric this time around.

I am going to maket my Hot Blocks made up into a wallhanging and make some matching cushion covers to go with it. Pictures promised when I finish - but all is on hold as we have the school inspectors in next week.

I don't have any sewing UFOs but I would like to use up some more of my stash.

Oh, this is great! I have two big boxes of fabric - one with some knits just waiting to become tops and another with various fabrics from the Denver fabrics liquidation. I would really love to sew up enough that I could get rid of those boxes or at least fit what's left in my cabinet (which is full).

My goal is to finish some of the UFO quilts that are for ME! The red swap blocks, the hot blocks (dd does want that one ), my snowman blocks, my house blocks, etc. And oh yeah, to quilt some wall hangings I made for my house. I made a "Cat Stairway to Heaven" top several years ago and never got around to quilting it. I found the pattern on the internet. Cats climbing a stairway up to the sky. I wanted to hang it by our stairway. And a crazy quilt wall hanging I *almost* finished. And my calendar quilt. And some hanky panky wall hangings I started. I better stop while my list is realistic.

a BOM UFO - currently being worked on - only binding needs to be finished
a baby quilt UFO - to be assembled and quilted then donated to charity
a Convergence quilt UFO - to be quilted
a Christmas wall hanging UFO - from a class that needs to be finished and quilted
an Autumn wall hanging UFO - needs to be assembled and quilted
the SWN Red & White Block Swap - quilt to be assembled and quilted
the SWN Christmas Block Swap - quilt to be assembled and quilted
the SWN Signature Block Swap - quilt to be assembled and quilted
a Patchwork BOM - last block to be finished and the quilt to be assembled and quilted
an Applique BOM - last block to be finished and the quilt to be assembled and quilted

I keep most of my fabric on bolts and I have half a dozen empty ones in the corner!! Gotta fill em!!

This time I'll shoot for 25, hopefully I won't be sidelined for a month like the last challenge. I have 2 cabinet doors that don't close quite right, this should reduce enough to allow them to close. Move out the old to make room for the new.

So that makes my goal 4 UFO's, and 15 yards of fabric.

I have several UFO's but wuold also like to work on my stash still so.....I think I'll do the yardage with the UFO's thrown in for extra credit. LOL

Count me in.I have a sampler Quilt to finish....
A baby quilt,an apron to embroider.a candle wall hanging,a nativity wall hanging,quilt I started for my son,a Christmas centre piece for the table which didn't get done last year....A table cloth for my daughter...a skirt for me, and lots of stash...oh yes a quilt for my niece that I started last year.....Gee I'm tired already...

To sew:
15 receiving blankets
petticoat and dress for my new hoop skirt (I'll have to buy the fabric for the dress, but I think I have fabric for parts of it)
diaper bag for upcoming baby shower
To do:
I want to get my stash and various stuff organized enough to find stuff again. This is a never ending problem.

Mom of Six
OK here are my goals:
Sew buttons back on DH's pants & DS's shirt
sew aprons I cut out for work
Make DD's cloak (was supposed to be Christmas)
Make curtains for laundry room
Make DGD's Easter dresses
Then whatever suits my fancy when I have time & energy to sew!

I'm going to be cautious!! (ha ha!) I have a jean jacket and pair of jeans as UFO's that I cut out before the last stash challenge and never got to them. I also want to finish off the two quilts that are in progress and get 1 more done. I have some RTW stuff that I took apart to make smaller, and some RTW pants to make into capris, but I won't add those in, cause they really aren't UFO's.

1. Pack all material
2. Move and unpack EVERYTHING on my sewing room and gve it a home that is not on the floor - unless that's where it's supposed to be.
3. find all of the UFO's from the last house move
4. Sort / toss / recycle (and maybe even use) the bags of kids clothes that I have been saving for memory quilts.
5. Fix the zip on son's rain coat before he needs it for winter
5. Finish quilt I started for hubby a year ago, then didn't have floor space to pin it together
6. Make some alterations to the wall hanging I made for school last year
7. Make the hanging pockets I promised the kindergarten in the next 3 weeks
8. Actually work out what material I have in my stash, and just how much is hidden away from hubby's prying eyes
9. The most important of all....... Make something fun, funky and wearable for me!
10 I guess wil be making curtain for the new house - don't think I can live with sheets on the windows.
When I work out how much stash I have I might just add in using up some of that yardage too.

OK, I have my machine back, and I'm ready to commit. I counted 9 UFO's. I'm going to shoot for 7. Six are easy, 3 are new to me endeavors.
As far as stash, 25 yards.
Projects to do to use this 25 yards:
3 Baby Quilts for Charity
2 clothing items for me
1 sweatshirt to jacket transformation - never done it but it looks cool
PJ bottoms for son
Finally use the hot fix crystal doo hickey I bought way back but have been too scared to try it out.
And hopefully be inspired to sew much more so I can make that 25 yard goal.

* 5 grocery bags
* 1 pair fingerless glove-mittens
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Re: New Year, New Stash, New Challenge!

New postby Magot on Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:04 pm

wellll - I got some of the Hot Blocks sewn together....
love and kisses, Jan
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Re: New Year, New Stash, New Challenge!

New postby DorothyL on Mon Feb 04, 2008 3:39 pm

How am I doing reaching my goal? Not so good. I bought some fabric but I used some too. I have five empty bolts and am still waiting for the bargain swatches to come in the mail.
Couldn't afford much of the not so bargain ones. Slow month was January work wise.
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Re: UFO's 15/35. Yardage 11/100

New postby Pudge99 on Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:30 pm

4 more yards today. Another fleece blanket. I tell you getting those 8 yards of fleece out of the stash is like 40 yards of cotton. I have loads of space now. Note to self..... Don't stock up on fleece anymore.
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Re: New Year, New Stash, New Challenge!

New postby bridesmom on Wed Feb 06, 2008 10:44 am

I finished my late found UFO yesterday which was a Christmas uniform top, (so I'll wear it next year) and finally started my jeans only to discover I didn't have the right color thread. But I did make it in and out of the fabric store with only the thread, some elastic and some studs for the jeans!! In going through my stash I found some gorgeous peacock blue fabric I had totally forgotten about, now I need to think of something smashing for it! (besides a quilt!!!!!)
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Re: New Year, New Stash, New Challenge!

New postby Bama on Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:46 pm

Well........ I have been working on my calendar quilt every chance I get. :anxious: Have I mentioned that I also sorted through some UFOs and some of my stash?
Both DS and hubby have been sick. I hope everyone will be well and stay out of my way this weekend. Oh yeah, I still have to give MIL a perm this weekend. Darn it.
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UFOs 1/7, Quilts 1/3, Yards 4/25

New postby temom on Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:12 pm

Well I finished one UFO, a really nice rice pack - the ones that take me an hour to do. I also did half of another rice pack ufo, but ran out of rice :o

I'm having a hard time sewing. I've been very busy and stressed at work, and I can't seem to find the energy to sew. But I am hosting another sewing bee at church next week. I'll hopefully get to sew then.
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Re: New Year, New Stash, New Challenge!

New postby Glennssister on Wed Feb 06, 2008 9:07 pm

Theresa, when you have time will you tell me how you make the rice packs. I assume that they are to be heated and held against any painful area. Am I correct??
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1.75 for a total of 11.125 out of 25

New postby Corinna29 on Sat Feb 09, 2008 9:42 am

Denim pants are done & in a pile for the next load of laundry. I guess I can call them jeans even if I had to use an elastic waistband. A store here has ladies' jeans on sale this weekend & advertise an elastic waist. I started cutting out another tote bag. Not to jinx myself, but at this rate I should be half way to my goal half way thru the challenge. Unfortunately, I don't see any empty bins or any thing yet. I did put my fall/winter fabric in the cabinet this morning, & brought down the spring/summer. It's in a bin so that I can reach it more easily. There is a lot more spring/summer fabric so now the cabinet door closes.
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