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Re: Recipe Organization

New postby ninifav on Fri Aug 24, 2007 7:27 pm

Sheila, that is what I do also...have several binders...for desserts, crockpot recipes, main meals, appetisers and another for recipes to try...Every once in a while, I'll go through the ones that I haven't tried and throw them out, wondering why in the world I saved that one!!

The nice part about the clear partitions is that I can drop in the cards that have been written on by others...I love coming upon the recipes with my DMIL's handwriting on it, especially since she passed away in the early 80's....Paula
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Re: Recipe Organization

New postby kaitlinnegan on Sun Aug 26, 2007 12:45 pm

I was thinking last night that there has to be some kind of software available that would organize recipes nicely. I would love something that would let me enter in recipes, then I could pick recipes for the week and have it print a shopping list. I am so disorganized that I feel like I'm forever forgetting something on my grocery list, so I feel like I end up taking a million trips to the store. I guess we should really be going at least once a week to keep stocked with fresh vegetables, but I would love for my trips to be more efficient. I'll let you guys know if I come up with anything on my search! :mrgreen:
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Re: Recipe Organization

New postby lendube on Sun Aug 26, 2007 3:37 pm

Kaitlin, I had a program at one time that I downloaded from a site. It was called Cookbook Wizard. The program worked great and did just what you wanted. I entered many, many recipes and used it a lot. The company left a real bad taste in my mouth when I switched from my desktop to my laptop. I tried to save it and it wouldn't let me. I tried to download a new copy from their site using my Key and it said that my version (all of maybe 2 y/o) wasn't available and that I'd have to pay the full price for the new version. I couldn't download my recipes from my old computer, I forget why, but the whole experience doesn't make me want to go back to them. I may be cutting off my nose to spite my face because I liked the program and to get a new one is only $17.95 to download and $23.95 for the cd. You might check their site out ( and I may just go back to them with my tail between my legs and buy the cd so I don't have to depend on THEM to give me a copy of what I paid for.

Thanks and please let me know what you come up with.

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Re: Recipe Organization

New postby SheliaHC on Mon Aug 27, 2007 6:21 am

Hey Paula,

I only have 1 notebook since I don't really like to cook that much but my family says I have organization issues. They make fun of the lists I keep and how I organize my closet.

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Re: Recipe Organization

New postby Judi on Tue Aug 28, 2007 11:20 pm

A drawer of recipe books ?- :lol: A shelf of recipe books? :lol: Would you believe a bookcase over 6 feet tall, and 25" wide full. Yep, and that ain't all. I also have some of my old favorite ones in a lucite box in a cupboard. That's where the handwritten ones from Grandma and my MIL are. I do have quite a few on both of our computers so DH and I can refer to them when we need them. We also mark our favorite ones in the cookbook, and list them in a binder with the book and page #
A little at a time, I'm putting the old favorites on the computer, but it will take lots more time than I want to spend doing it.
We get 3 or 4 magazines a month, and use quite a few of the recipes in them. At the end of the year, when we get the 'annual' for that mag. we bundle the monthly mags. up and donate them - often to the senior center.

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Re: Recipe Organization

New postby PaulineG on Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:26 am

Would you believe 2 recipe books that I use - and a whole heap of Weight Watchers ones that I get for free (probably about 20 or 30) that I've barely opened. No need to organise something you don't need or use. Most of them are in a box in my garage. One day I'll probably go and look at them. :whistle:
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