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New postby samMg on Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:49 am

Shellymoon wrote:I was out shopping for fabric to make duvet covers for my daughter's dorm room. We had to take photos because the two roommates live in different states and they had to tell me which fabric they wanted. Thought I'd share. I was at Golden D'or (Murray Goldberg) Warehouse Outlet in Dallas. It was about 108 outside and about 99 degrees in the store this day.

They did choose the one that looks like a white beaded curtain, and another one with a swirly pattern (second from the right in the lineup photo). The duvet covers looked good when I left. Who knows what they'll look like at the end of the semester.

Nice pick! I love those prints :) will definitely looks good in their dorm :)
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