1890 working class womans Sunday outfit

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Re: 1890 working class womans Sunday outfit

New postby sewingmom on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:31 am

A far as letting out the skirt, I think a piece of fabric that blends and stretches is the way I will have to go to to let out the skirt. The skirt has no extra in the seam allowances or hem so I am going to take it to Hancocks and find the closest blending fabric and make an elongated triangle that will give my friend enough room. I am seeing scrubtops with sections of spandex under the arms and down the sides that give stretchability to the garment. It won't be truely vintage when I get finished but neither are te serged seams inside the skirt now.

About the borrowed outfit. I have some other pressing obligations right now pluss a job and I just need to not have extra sewing tasks right now. I'd really like to "strut my stuff" , but time constraints have to be considered.
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