Where to begin......so much happened. Part 1

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Where to begin......so much happened. Part 1

New postby lendube on Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:31 pm

I'll try to keep this short (ha!). We're back from our 4 day getaway. I'll do a quasi-bullet power point presentation aka outline (with relevant details thrown in).

1. Left Tuesday morning around 8:30
a. Great drive, non eventful, arrived 6 1/2 hours later
2. Weather was fabulous.
a. Last year 105 consistently, this year around 85.
b. Water last year felt like 35 degrees! and this year in the 60's I'd guess.
1. Water last year terrifyingly raging and wild and this year calm and welcoming.
3. Dogs were great for their first ever vacation.
a. Sammy the Lab absolutely LOVED the river and took full advantage and it was terrific fun for all of us.
4. Anniversary dinner Thurs. night with about 15 friends and family.
a. Ordered drinks.
b. Ordered dinner.
c. Two guys stepped outside, one to smoke before dinner was served.
d. Kevin hears the dogs barking goes to room to check on them.

(Breaking format here.) Next thing we ladies knew all the guys were gone. Just gone! Lots of noise from them outside. One of us said. Oh, they just went to do a few shots but when we stepped outside all the guys (every last one, except Kevin), young, strong, and healthy, are throwing shovels and various digging tools into the back of a large pick-up. Turns out the two guys outside spotted a fire just down the road. Off go all the guys knowing that the fire dept can’t get there for 13 minutes according to the owners. Kevin jumps into our car and takes off after them. The fire was about ½ mile down the road started by campers leaving an out of control campfire. An off duty firefighter camping nearby happened to see them throwing gear into the back of their pickup, then taking off. He got their license number!! Yay for him!!

Our guys got the fire contained by digging a trench around it. Another of our guys did traffic control because although it was in a desolate area people were starting to show up. Turned out to be about 30 ft. square or so. And was good as out by the time the pros got there.

We ladies started getting our things packed up because we were in an area as susceptible to wildfires as our own area. We’re all experienced evacuaters, sad to say.
The guys got back and we all sat down to the food which was waiting for us, nice and hot. Whew!!

5. We left the next morning, yesterday, around 11:30 or so.
a. Uneventful with a few necessary stops for the dogs and/or food/gas.
b. Got home about 5:30 after checking on dd’s plants and cats. All okay there.
6. Got home to our house shortly thereafter.

Go to Part 2 for the sad climax to our trip.

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