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Taking Beginner Quilting Classes

New postby kjh9835 on Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:33 pm

Last week was pretty basic info, cutting, pressing, 1/4" seams, etc. I did get four corner squares done plus the others cut out for the block. This week I started on more of the same and about 30 mins. into the class, I had a question and she looked at what I was doing and said we were all done with those, time to start on the second block!!!

So I had gotten ahead of her and "wasted" that time/fabric. Good thing I bought extra. I'm not thinking straight so it was hard to pay attention. We are making a six block sampler so each block is different plus it has sashing and a border so we cover all that during the class. When she gives us the copy/printout of the next block, she explains how "they" want it done (per their instructions) and how she does it to save time or whatever. I wish she'd just tell us "her way" and other ways (if anyone asks) rather than confusing me by explaining two ways at the same time. I like my instructions on paper so I can refer to them when needed but since we aren't doing them that way, I get "lost"....

Still having fun and enjoying the adult company/chatter as we sew. I need some local sewing buddies rather than being in the sewing room by myself.

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