Union Jack Quilt Pattern

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Union Jack Quilt Pattern

New postby missfleecy on Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:31 pm

I was wondering if any of you have experience making a quilt from the flag of the United Kingdom:


I have found the exact dimensions, as follows:


I thought perhaps there might be a pattern available of some sort. I could probably figure it all out myself but it seems it would be easier if someone else has already done it, especially the optimal way of joining together all the pieces at the intersections. I've found a few online and some seem OK but others are wildly inaccurate: they do things like center the red diagonal stripes on the white, rather than have one unit of space on one side and three on the other. Or they have just a single instruction of "re-assemble the pieces to create the pattern."

Any tips or suggestions to make it go well would be most appreciated! I might prefer to leave the red cross as a single piece, for example, so that there wouldn't be a seam in it; however, traditional hand-sewn flags do have seams so perhaps that would look fine depending on my fabric choice. But if someone here has done this I'd love to get firsthand advice.

~ Miss Fleecy :eh:
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Re: Union Jack Quilt Pattern

New postby Liz92B on Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:44 pm

it can be done ... I would set it up as several sections of Paper Piecing then joining all the sections...
Liz / Calgary
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Re: Union Jack Quilt Pattern

New postby ljt1w on Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:42 am

Hi Miss Fleecy,
I tried everywhere to get a Union Jack quilt pattern that was easy, and not using foundation piecing, which I find so wasteful as I always mess up.
Living here in the UK it a big year for Unions Jacks, with the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games and I really thought that it would be no problem.
Anyway, I have constructed a pattern which is so easy to use and looks really amazing. I am on my second quilt and my friends are all making it, here in the UK and also in the USA and Japan.
It is called' Land of Hope and Glory' quilt pattern and it's on both etsy.com and e bay.co.uk
There is a picture of it on my website http://www.new-wood-farm.co.uk :)
Best wishes
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