One of my Hancock stores closing

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Re: One of my Hancock stores closing

New postby kaitlinnegan on Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:52 pm

Sad to hear this. I was hoping this might be an "April fool" scenario, but it seems to be real!

While I have been lucky to have the opportunity to visit fabric stores around the country and have a large collection of garment fabrics, Hancock fabrics has often been a go-to source for notions and patterns, and they had recently started carrying a small supply of better fashion fabrics (ITY knit prints, etc). They had similar annoyances to Joann's in that the fabrics are very overpriced if you don't use a coupon or buy on sale, but Hancock seemed to be a last bastion of garment sewing while the garment fabric section at Joann's was progressively swallowed up by fleece and edged out by other crafts.
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Re: One of my Hancock stores closing

New postby LeapFrog Libby on Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:19 pm

I am totally Heartbroken fy all the news. I just have trouble believing it right now, even though I know it is true. I was told yesterday at church by a fellow sewer and she said her granddaughters saw the sign and told her about our store. I have to talk to my friend's daughter that works there to find out more. Later...
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Re: One of my Hancock stores closing

New postby sewingrandma on Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:47 pm

I went back to Hancock again today ( the one that started it's sale a month ago). Thank goodness DH doesn't mind. They dropped the % again since Friday. I was able to go back and pick up some nice challis for some tops for myself. 3 yards for less than what 1yard would have been. I also got invisible zippers that I use in baby buntings, gathered lace, elastic and jumbo rick rack. All the trims are at 80% off as is all fleece. Women were buying entire bolts of fleece and had their cart full of bolts. The lady behind be in line said she has an etsy shop and sells fleece items on it. She had her cart full of all the major league ball and NHL clubs she could find. The notions wall is practically bare but is still at 50%. The other store locally just started its closing and prices are 20-50% off. Libby you can go to the online site and it will tell you a lot of info. You can also do an on line search using "Hancock store closing" and lots of articles will pop up. I see you have a friend so you can really get the scoop. I feel bad for all the employees who are out of a job once this closing is done. I could really see the stress today in the ladies working, short tempers all around. They are working so hard knowing there will be no reward for it at the end. They told me they can't have more than 4 employees in the store at a time now unless the liquidator approves. They can't keep up with the cutting/check out and put bolts away. I will miss their sales and especially their 'spot the dot' fabrics as I could always find what I needed there at a fantastic savings.
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