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Joann's catalog

New postPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:34 am
by sewingrandma
Over 2 years ago I stopped getting their sale catalog though I still received their email with coupons. I filled out their post card requesting the catalog every 4 months and spoke with the store managers each time, and each time I was told I would get the catalog within 6-8 weeks. I finally gave up and called and was reassured I would get the catalog. At long last (6mos) I finally got the catalog-yippee!! I wish Joann would do what Hancock did and give a key tag with our info on it so each time I go they can scan the tag. Joann has the barcode on the catalog and rarely do I have the catalog with me as I have my list and my coupons and that is it. This time I cut out the barcode and will keep it in my purse so that I can have it scanned each time I go so I won't have to go thru this again. I know I can review the catalog on-line but it just isn't the same. Coupons for the upcoming sale-60% off notions. I've noticed that Joann stopped putting the notion wall on sale to the general public, you have to have a coupon now, and they don't put those out very often. I also noticed that the patterns have gone up again-5 for $7. I need patterns like I need more fabric so that won't be an issue for me for a while. DD is going to want me to make outfits and costumes for Abby soon.