New vs repair/service of serger

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New vs repair/service of serger

New postby fcohen on Fri Oct 09, 2015 7:26 pm

I have an EZ-Lock that's about 25 years old. I haven't used it recently and it isn't working. I took it in to be serviced and it might cost about $250 to get it up and running properly. I see a new Brother 1034D with Easy Lay in threading and differential feed for $199 on Amazon. The service man says they don't make the new ones as well as the old ones and of course encourages me to service this one. Has anyone bought this new Brother machine recently? How is it? Is it relatively easy to thread? I appreciate any comments and advice.
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Re: New vs repair/service of serger

New postby sewingrandma on Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:37 am

The only complaint I've heard about the Brother is that it is very loud. I was seriously thinking about replacing my old serger with this brand/model but after hearing it myself I knew I couldn't stand the noise as it is very loud. It is easy to thread, has nice stitches so if you can stand the noise..... Do you have a dealer you can go thru to buy it or check out other brands? Since my DH repaired my old serger I have stopped looking but I did have my eye on a Baby Loc serger. Several of the ladies here have that Brand in different models. I was looking at the lauren as it has many of the features that I like. Check out ebay also for machines. I've had good luck purchasing a machine there. Be careful and examine the seller as to what else they sell and if the item is new or not, ask lots of questions and also can the item be returned if not happy with it.
Personally I wouldn't spend $250 for repairs unless the machine was a high quality machine with all the bells and whistles many come with now.
By the way welcome to the boards.
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Re: New vs repair/service of serger

New postby MartySews2 on Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:18 am

Welcome!!! The Brother 1034D is a good serger for starters. It is a basic 4 thread machine. has reviews on all types of machines. You could check there for others' opinions. I have sewn on the Brother serger as well as many other brands since I teach classes. It is an okay serger. For my serger, the Babylock Ovation, the service fees are around $250 as well as for my sewing machines, the Babylock Ellisimo, the Melody, and the Sofia2. I expect the fees to be high as these are pricey machines. I would not expect to pay that for an older model machine. Know what your budget is and check out different machines.
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Re: New vs repair/service of serger

New postby LeapFrog Libby on Mon Oct 12, 2015 3:05 pm

I had an old serger I bought in 1990 and it lasted until 2 years ago. It was made by Babylock , but did not have that name on it. I bought it when sergers were first coming into general use. It was a workhorse to be sure. I never spent a dime on a repair until a few months before it died on me. So the second time it quit, I went and bought the Babylock Lauren which is the granddaughter of my old one. So to speak.. It does the same functions but has a few additions that make it easier to operate than the old one. (after 22 years it has improved) I loved the old one and I love this new one. I use mine a lot. NOTE> The old one has been revived and is working just fine. I gave it to the man in my neighborhood who is a retired machine technician. He fixed it and orffered to pay me for it, but I just gave it to him. He had repaired it the first time for nearly nothing and I carelessly caused the second beakdown by tugging the fabric and bending the needles and causing a gridlock in the parts underneath the throatplate. I finally realize that I have to 'gently hold the fabric while guiding it under the presser foot. Lesson learned. IMy Lauren Cost $299. That is full price, not a markdown. Well worth the money in my book.
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Re: New vs repair/service of serger

New postby sewingmom on Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:29 pm

I purchased a good used serger for $125.00 a few years ago when I just happened to run across it in a sewing machine store I browsed occasionally.
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