The new Janome 2000cpx vs the Babylock coverstitch

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The new Janome 2000cpx vs the Babylock coverstitch

New postby Harriet A on Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:23 pm

Hi, I have an Elna 925 serger that has a coverstitch mode. It is almost 18 years old and still works. I think I would like to get a coverstitch machine and I can't decide if I should get the new Janome 2000cpx late this summer or in October when I have a birthday, or pay about $500 more and get the Babylock Coverstitch machine. What are your thoughts about this? Some of you may have switched from the Janome coverstitch to the Babylock Coverstitch. Why did you decide to switch and are you happier with the Babylock coverstitch. Those of you who have the Janome coverstitch, are you happy with your choice and why? Thanks, Harriet
Harriet A
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Re: The new Janome 2000cpx vs the Babylock coverstitch

New postby sewingrandma on Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:20 am

Harriet, I don't have either of those cover stitch machines but I do have the brother cover stitch. I like it as it is simple to thread and does what it does nicely. It doesn't even bother me that I have to manually release the thread in order to get the fabric out from under the pressure foot. It is easy enough to do. It is very reasonably priced also, I paid under $400 shipping included and it came with 12 cones of thread and 100 needles.
Debbie Cook has put her comparison chart back up on her website so you might want to check it out and Pattern Review has a lot about the different cover stitch machines.
Here is Debbie's site just click on the cover stitchstuff button. ... s/forum/43 You may have to join to see the older posts but it is free for the basic membership.
Good luck.
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