Lowerlooper thread always caught in threading lever

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Lowerlooper thread always caught in threading lever

New postby ichi903 on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:36 am

Hi, I have a brother 1034d lock and am having some problems with my lowerlopper thread breaking 7 out of like 10 times of me threading and rethreading. I make sure the lowerlooper thread is not under the needles because i heard that'll break it for sure. On those occasions when I actuallly DO chain off and serge my project, I get only to a certain point until it breaks the lowerlooper thread again. When I pull out the threading lever, I always notice that the thread gets caught far back into the lever thus thinning the thread until it eventually breaks leaving a massive clump fuzz ball knot on the thread. I have done Everything to ensure proper threading (like making sure the thread is as loose as possible in the threading lever). I hand crank the first ten chains and it either tenses up soon or chains off a bit until i use the pressure foot and gently try to continue to create a chain and do so for a bit then, wham-o. that old familiar thread breaking sound pops again. ARUGH! I can't even do a yard of seam serging!!!!!!! :brick: HELP!!!!
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Re: Lowerlooper thread always caught in threading lever

New postby sewingmom on Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:47 pm

When I get in that mode I just have to completely unthread even removing the spools from the thread stand., vacuumn all the lint out then rethread. Be sure and thread the needles last and be sure the pressor foot is up while threading through the tension discs. Are you using spool caps. As sure as I don't use a spool cap the thread winds around something and breaks. Oh, the last time I had this happen I had forgotten to extend the thread guide to its highest level. Be sure to rethread in the perscribed order in your operators manual. These are my troubleshooting steps. I hope it helps..
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Re: Lowerlooper thread always caught in threading lever

New postby MartySews2 on Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:46 pm

On my serger, I have to be sure the thread is pulled away from the back of the serger & the thread pole is fully extended. Seems like there might be a burr on the tension guide of the lower looper too. Using some dental floss, gently floss all of your tension guides to be sure there is not a sliver of thread caught; then change your needles, & be sure that you are using a good quality serger thread like Maxi-lock. Cheap thread will cause some of the problems you mentioned. If you have tried all of these things, then I would have your dealer check it out. Hope you are able to get it working properly soon.
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Re: Lowerlooper thread always caught in threading lever

New postby bridesmom on Thu Apr 29, 2010 7:08 pm

My first thought is have you changed your needles? 2nd thought, try a different thread in the lower looper. When you rethread your lower looper make sure that the needle threads are NOT down inside the machine, this will cause the lower looper thread to bread immediately. Let us know if any thing workss!
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