Been looking for a sewing machine for DIL and Grandaughter

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Been looking for a sewing machine for DIL and Grandaughter

New postby doxiedad on Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:35 pm

Sort of turned off by the local stores Janomes and Brothers and even the Singers. So we reverted to online. My big problem is how old a particular model machine is. What we picked was a refurbed Singer 9910. It seemed better than the 7642 and 7644 machines sold locally. Brothers are all as light as a feather that is sold locally. The 9910 seemed like a decent machine and it carries a full factory warranty same as a brand new machine does. It looks like it is brand new and not a scratch on it. It was however missing the accessory kits (feet, bobbins etc etc) which Singer said they would mail out to me immediately.

Does anyone here know or have a 9910 machine? There was very little on it on the internet although the dealer online I bought it from said it was introduced about 3 years ago and is a good machine. NOw I am looking for a "cheap but decent" serger for her as well. I know cheap and decent does not go hand in hand with a serger but was thinking either a Janome 204D or the Brotyher 3034D or the cheaper singer sold at Wal Mart. Any info or observations on the 9910 sewing machine by Singer or any serger would be greatly appreciated. I am about broke now with the machines etc we just bought not long ago . A Husky Viking Diamond w/professional software package, and a Husky Viking Emerald 116 and Janome 204D serger.

Thanks in advance
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