Machine Dilemas Cant Zig Zag

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Machine Dilemas Cant Zig Zag

New postby DreamerSewing on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:32 pm


This is really the first place that I found I just may be able to get some help or an answer or a push in the right direction. I have one pretty reliable sewing machine but can't figure out how to set it to zig zag. This machine is a Signature model UHT J276C. I found a woman that was selling one on Utube who gave a brief demonstration and during that discovered that you had to pull a knob to change the stitch settings. I couldnt find a knob to pull out. So there is a knob on the top and I try to move this knob by pulling it out, up or even down to move it to the zig zag on the diagram. Nothing budged and didnt want to break it. So .. just so I could find out what might be happening under there I unscrewed the screw holding the top plate in place. I still can't figure out what is causing it to stay. I could lift up the knob and put it on another spot but that is taken apart. So .. I wish i had a manual but don't and can't afford to buy one online. I just want someone that has one of these machines to tell me how to get the zig zag feature to work. I did just buy another machine at the thrift store that seemed to work at the shop but there was no needle in it and I couldnt tell if it would work or not. So I took it (thats a Singer 7050 Electronic Sewing machine) It's light and I was able to figure out how to thread the bobbin and the machine itself but then when i go to bet the bobbin thread to come up, the sewing thread won't catch the bobbin thread so there is no looping together of the threads so .. its not sewing. I thought I could use this one for zig zag and the other one for straight stitch but .. alas all i can do is a straight stitch on the Signature. SO .. if any one can enlighten me I would be most grateful .. I wanna ZIG ZAG!!!

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Re: Machine Dilemas Cant Zig Zag

New postby MartySews2 on Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:16 pm

Hi DreamerSewing ... you can get a manual for the Signature UHT 276 sewing machine (Montgomery Ward) from so I hope this will help you. With older sewing machines, it is very possible that it has been sitting up a long time & the oil & grease have turned to brick. I would recommend heavily lubricating the machine with something like Kroil & let it sit for a few days to loosen up the hardened oil & grease. Then use some light sewing machine oil (not 3-in-1 or WD-40) and lubricate the machine. Bicycle oil or gun oil is good too if there are no sewing machine dealers nearby. Also, with some of the older model machines, you may need a specific cam in order to do a zigzag stitch. Just some possibilities. A manual will give you the information that you need.
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Re: Machine Dilemas Cant Zig Zag

New postby bridesmom on Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:32 pm

Ask SewClassic one of our members. She has a website She is incredibly knowledgeable about older machines. Or go to the member page and search for her and send her a pm (private message).
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Re: Machine Dilemas Cant Zig Zag

New postby Sew-Classic on Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:24 am

The MW machines are not common in my area, and so I don't have them "memorized" as I do others. I wholeheartedly agree with the suggestion of getting a manual.
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