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New "Game"?

New postby treehugger on Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:33 pm

I was wondering if anyone was interested in creating a new "game" of sorts. I've recently found the site It looks like there are a number of free patterns available. People then post images of what their garments look like. It is amazing to see just how much any particular garment pattern can take on different shapes, textures and styles depending on the modifications and fabrics used.

Would anyone be interested in a game in which someone calls out a free pattern from this site and then each person participating must make at least one of these garments within a given time period. The patterns can be modified as desired. At the end of the time period, all those who participate can post their images for the whole board to see. I don't know how one would choose a winner...perhaps the winning rules and winner can chosen by the moderator for that game (i.e., moderator A says that the winner is the person who uses the most stash items to make the garment or the winner is the one who most dramatically altered the pattern or...blah blah). The winner's prize, in addition to bragging rights, is to be the moderator for the next game.

I'd love to see all the variations that we'd come up with when everyone participating works from the same base pattern.

I'd suggest we can start with one of these patterns: - some interesting variations on this empire-style dress. - most kept this short, but one person made a longer version that looked cool - a coat that some made into winter coats and some into spring jackets
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Re: New "Game"?

New postby lendube on Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:43 pm

Glad to see you and I think it's a great idea. Just haven't had much time to sew for myself lately. It would be fine even without a "winner" per se. It would just be great seeing what these creative ladies here do. Have you made downloaded patterns from Burda? I never have. I'd probably go for a longer version of #2 or sleeveless #1. Am I right that you're a younger person? We've got quite an age range here on the board. That would make it interesting as well.

Let's see what response you get. I'm game for a "Game".

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