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New postPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:06 am
by sewingrandma
We've all talked birds we've seen in our yards. Yesterday I noticed a bird flying around our grill. Today I thought I had better check it out. Opened the lid and the grate had a huge nest all ready for eggs. We had just used the grill on Sunday so I know that bird was busy this week, all the leaves, dried grass and fresh grass and clumps of dirt plus bits of fluff/lint. I'm going to have to hose out the inside of the grill before we use it again because of all the debris that has fallen down from the building of the nest. I feel bad that I had to remove the nest and I'm keeping the lid open to discourage the bird from rebuilding, but we use our grill often year round. Anyone else have nests in strange places? One year in another home we had to stop using our front door because a swallow made her nest and laid eggs before we noticed. Our neighbor had a poodle and the swallow would dive bomb the dog and pull its fur and pad her nest with it on a regular basis.

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New postPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:28 am
by MartySews2
Brockie, for several years birds made a nest in the overhang of my front doorway. The wood had pulled away at the corner. Last fall, we replaced the wood so our contractor removed the large nest. What was sad that we often found dead baby birds on our front porch where the egg had fallen or the bird failed to fly. What was really weird was when the front porch was painted, our contractor found wasp nests in our shutters and inside the springs on our porch swing. I'm allergic to wasps so this was unsettling. I don't sit on my porch swing during the day anymore but it is great for evenings.
Marty ;)

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New postPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:56 am
by sewingrandma
One year we had a huge wasp nest on our porch swing and without thinking DH sat down next to it after mowing the grass and got stung many times. I kept saying that I was going to get the wasp spray and kill them for weeks but DH said no that he would do it. Well, it didn't take him long to get the spray out after this. As cool as this spring has been we've had a lot of bees out and about already. Hope they stick around to pollenate my garden.