Snow geese

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Snow geese

New postby sewingrandma on Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:08 pm

We've had a huge flock of snow geese across the street from us in a field of winter wheat for the last 2 weeks. The green of the wheat and the white of the geese is a beautiful contrast as it is when they fly the white wings with the black markings. There are so many, probably several thousand, that when they fly over the house they make a shadow (and a racket). I've always liked watching geese fly and this spring is the first time we've the snow geese so close.
Today is sunny in the mid 60s and tomorrow is supposed to reach 70 with a chance of rain but on Saturday we are looking for a chance of-are you ready-snow flurries!! :o Abby and I spent about an hour outside soaking up the sunshine. She loves to be outside and starts to cry when I bring her in.
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