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tornados in Illinois on Sunday

New postPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:51 pm
by sewhappyrtr
Hello all, We personally were not impacted by the devastation you may have seen of Central Illinois from the tornadoes on Sunday but the tornado in Washington Illinois went right over my sister-in-law and brother-in-laws house. They were very lucky because the one neighborhood that was destroyed is just 1 block from them and the golf course is just across the street from them and another neighborhood that was destroyed was just across from the main highway from my sister in law and brother in law. Praise and Thanks be to God that they were not impacted by this storm. They had 2 trees uprooted and toppled in their front yard and back yard and both trees could have hit their house but didn't. They and everyone else there are still without electricity and water pressure is down, they are under a boil order I think. Its a mess. We were without electricity for about 10 hours. Ugh.. I hate that!!! But it could have been far worse. Thankfully DH has a generator he got going for us and we could plug in our refrigerators and freezer. And it wasn't yet very cold out so that was a plus also, although it is going to get colder today and the rest of the week. We didn't work today because the business was closed, but we will go back tomorrow.. I do not know how long before anything is normal in Washington Illinois. They were just telling residents not to return to their homes that weren't affected about 1 1/2 hr ago.. I do not know why...
PLease keep this area in your prayers if you are so inclined to do so.. I thank you..

Re: tornados in Illinois on Sunday

New postPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:59 pm
by Little Bear
Oh Karen, how horrible! Glad that you and those close to you are okay!

Mrs B

Re: tornados in Illinois on Sunday

New postPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:00 pm
by MartySews2
Praying for all of those impacted by this storm. It was horrific and I'm glad that your family is safe.
Marty ;)

Re: tornados in Illinois on Sunday

New postPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:16 am
by sewingrandma
Keeping all in my thoughts and prayers. Tornados are terrifying as you can't get away from them and it takes months to years to get areas devastated back to normal. Thankful that you and yours are safe.