odd wedding

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odd wedding

New postby sewingmom on Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:44 am

I grew up very sheltered and today's world seems very "soap opra" like. The wedding was out doors at a lodge by a lake in a "dry" county. The bride and groom had a 2 year old son and their relationship had been on and off for 4 years. He had a problem with drugs and alcohol. Supposedly he is straight now but before the evening was over., his family and friends were in the parkinglot away from the wedding party. The fatherinlaw was comming out to get the groom. We left at this point.
The wedding itself was wannabe elegant but some of the participants were so redneck that the elegance was wasted. I felt sorry for the brides parents because of the expense they had gone to. The colors were were red and black. The bride wore a red and white dress embellished with silver filigree. Very pretty. The brides maids wore black and carried a spray with one red flower and black feather like things.tied with a red ribbon. The tiny flower girl and ring bearer wore bride and groom look a like outfits. They were reluctant to particiipate and had to be led down the aisle by the girls grandmother. The father of the bride officiated. The sun was beating down and the men in the wedding party kept sunglasses on. Perspiration was pouring everyones browbrow.
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