Hello fellow sewers!

New here? Stop in and say hello!

Hello fellow sewers!

New postby MamaSueSews on Mon May 19, 2014 7:20 am

Looking forward to sharing the ups and downs of sewing, and I have had plenty of both! Having 45 years of sewing "practice", I still rather sew than
sleep. I mainly sew clothing and home decor. I have done very little quilting but can, if pushed...not my favorite thing to do. I also have a lot of experience
sewing dance wear and costumes. Lycra, spandex and knits are some of my favorite fabrics to "play" with!
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Re: Hello fellow sewers!

New postby LeapFrog Libby on Mon May 19, 2014 8:47 am

Welcome. We are glad you are here. I sew a little bit of most everything. Nowadays , mostly for gifts and donations. I like the quick and easy items the best. I have been sewing for 65 plus years. I have 3 machines I use daily, and 1 in reserve for buttonholes and straight stitching only. That is my Singer 221 that I have had for 57 years now. my everyday machines are Janome memory craft 4000, a babylock serger Lauren model, and a Janome 900 coverstitch machine. I have a room full of fabric I am trying hard to downsize, because I will be 80 in June and I am slowing down a little. Marty and others post pics of their work on here, but I don't know how to do that, and cannot seem to get it right. Hope to hear about your work and see some of it if possible. Again , Welcome.
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Re: Hello fellow sewers!

New postby MartySews2 on Mon May 19, 2014 9:22 am

Hi Sue, welcome to the group ... I've been sewing a little over 50 yrs (started at age 7) and sew primarily garments for myself, family and others. I do alterations, teach sewing classes, and do custom work when asked for friends and church members. I'm in the American Sewing Guild, the Smocking Arts Guild of America and Threads of Love organization. I have a Babylock Ellisimo sewing/embroidery machine, a Pfaff 4874 serger, a Babylock Melody sewing machine, a Read smocking pleater, a Sofia 2 sewing/embroidery machine, and a Babylock Eclipse DX serger. The Sofia & Eclipse are my class machines for when I teach sewing as well as take classes. I collect sewing books and DVDs to keep up with all of the latest sewing info. Sewing is part of my lifestyle not just a hobby. Look around the different boards and get a feel for what we like to do and join in on the chatter. I use http://www.shrinkpictures.com to shrink my pics of projects to get them posted. This year I have stepped on the "dark side" (aka quilting) to learn to hand quilt and do some piecing of table runners. I am definitely not a quilter but it doesn't hurt to expand my sewing knowledge and skills. Have fun with this ... :D :D :D
Marty ;)
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Re: Hello fellow sewers!

New postby cgmemphis on Mon May 19, 2014 7:56 pm

Join the fun! I recently joined the group and everyone is so nice and helpful! My sewing experience was mainly in high school a 100 years ago, before stretch knits were invented. I am just now sewing on knits and it continues to be an interesting experience. Now, you can help me, too!

I just started collecting machines. A couple of months ago I bought a Baby Lock Imagine which I love! (my old serger, which had rarely been used because my eye-hand coordination was not compatible with that machine, went to my young sister-in-law who hopefully can work with it better than I could). I have a new Brother CS9500 sewing machine (a Hancock's special) but that works for me for the moment--I doubt I'll ever use 89 stitches, but we shall see...and finally, I have an entry level Brother that is set up with the twin needle in it all the time for my "faux coverstitch" machine. I am straddling the fence about coverstitch machines. I'm planning on going to test drive the Elna 444 this weekend. So far, the twin needle set up is working, but I have not really done a lot. I am not yet into embroidery or quilting, although I might work my way into those once I retire a few years down the road, 40-hour work weeks get in the way of sewing--drat! (Ran some errands tonight and dropped in at a Carter's baby and toddler clothes store, and looked at the coverstitch techniques used on the clothes. Some techniques impressed me, and some didn't.)

Happy you are here and look forward to reading your posts and seeing your pictures!
Hugs, Cheryl
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Re: Hello fellow sewers!

New postby sewingrandma on Mon May 26, 2014 8:02 am

Welcome to the boards. Sorry for the delay in the welcome but it has been a busy couple of weeks here. Graduations, out of state visits, life in general. Haven't sat at my machine in a couple of weeks and I'm missing it.
What have you been sewing lately? I do a lot of baby items, clothing and bedding. I have enough clothes to last me as does DH and my older grandchildren don't want/appreciate something made by grandma so I stick with the babies. I did recently make a set of drapes. Not my most favorite sewing projects, especially when I was on my hands and arthritic knees trying to measure and cut.
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Re: Hello fellow sewers!

New postby sewingmom on Mon May 26, 2014 3:46 pm

Hi! MamaSue, I was a regular here and until 16 months ago when DH had a massive brain hemorrhage. I still visit and long to sew, but the responsibilities right now, override the desire to touch/feel and manipulate fabric and thread. Perhaps soon. DH is much improved. I love to sew garments and love sewing hand bags though I am not very accomplished at either. I have learned a lot here thanks to others posting the processes they went through to construct or reconstruct something. Please share with us. You can't imagine how many newbies you may influence in sewing.
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