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Re: New and need help

New postby zina58 on Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:22 am

I am having trouble with this pattern as well and I am not a newbie to sewing ether,I am trying to do A and I am not understanding the draping thing at all and I am also ready to sling the thing out the window I thought this was easy ??? and it should be but the directions are not explaining or showing pictures for me to get the just of this !! :shame:
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Re: New and need help

New postby LeapFrog Libby on Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:47 pm

At the risk of sounding out of sorts, I think you are expecting all of us to have the directions in this pattern. I, for one do not have this pattern so I have no idea what it tells you to do. I can only look at the diagram of the different looks in the pattern that someone else posted. I tried to find the pattern on the Butterice website and could not pull it up. If you could quote the sentences you do not understand, maybe someone else could explain it. I do not know what else to tell you.
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