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New postby celticravenz on Wed Jan 30, 2008 1:59 am

Good evening all
My name is Jan and I am from Alaska. I have been married for 20 yrs to a wonderful man and we have 2 children. A boy (19) girl (16)
We have 40 acres and have been building on it for the past 3 yrs. We live a very simple life.
I learned how to sew when I was about 9, my sisters best friend taught me. I fell in love right away. But as a teen I lost it to the trails and tribulations .... :shame:
When We had our son I got back to it with the same vim and vinegar. Well I have to say that I still feel that I am a beginner by the fact I don't sew very complicated things :lol: Along with sewing craft and quilt and clothing I bead, dabble in crocheting. I love to try crafts of all sorts. And as you can see I love to babble :lol: I'm very glad to be here to learn and meet new people.
Loving the last Frontier!
I'm the other Jan ;)
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Re: Howdy

New postby SheliaHC on Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:44 am

Welcome to the group! You'll love it here.

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Re: Howdy

New postby Sewing Lady on Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:10 am

Ditto, Welcome.
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Re: Howdy

New postby ddreev on Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:57 am

Welcome, I don't know if we have anyone else from Alaska. It is 6 degrees here this morning, but I imagine you are probably a good bit colder.You will find that the people on this site do all kinds of sewing and different crafts.
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Re: Howdy

New postby MartySews2 on Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:09 am

Welcome, Jan. I wouldn't consider you a beginner even if you only sew simple patterns. What type of beading do you like to do? Formal wear? Jewelry? Embellishments? What part of Alaska do you live in? My dear SIL & her DH take an Alaskan cruise every summer and each one has been different. They live in New Orleans and love the change in weather and scenary that they find in Alaska. What do you love most about it?
Marty ;)
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Re: Howdy

New postby lendube on Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:58 am

celticravenz wrote: And as you can see I love to babble :lol:

Aha! You'll fit right in! :lol: We've got quite a few babblers here. I'm absolutely one of them. Welcome!

Alaska's wonderful. My dh's brother, wife and family live in Palmer. We visited for 3 weeks about 4 years ago and loved it.

Hope to see you here often.

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Re: Howdy

New postby esrun3 on Wed Jan 30, 2008 1:27 pm

Welcome Jan!! You'll love our little group!!
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Re: Howdy

New postby bridesmom on Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:46 pm

Welcome!! I had to read your post a few times, I actually know another woman named Jan who lives in Alaska as well, had to make sure you weren't her, wouldn't that have been hilarious!!!
Go Canucks!
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Re: Howdy

New postby temom on Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:17 pm

Welcome to the group. I am certainly one who likes to gab!
Hubby and I had always dreamed of taking a trip to Alaska for our 25th anniversary. Well life got in the way. The children were very, very late in coming, and we didn't feel like we either had the money or were comfortable leaving the kids for such a trip, as they are 7 and 13. So maybe for our 50th...
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Re: Howdy

New postby Glennssister on Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:49 pm

I" glad your here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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